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After personally suffering from chronic health issues for nearly two decades, Candida decided that there must be another solution, and so she began on a path that led her to study and truly understand not just health, but optimal health, and discover the true meaning of 'wellbeing'.   


Candida has been practising as a Nutritional Therapist in London since 2003, so at the time of reviewing this page in February 2023, she has been in Practice for 20 years, making her one of the elders in the profession in the UK. In that time she has worked with thousands of patients to improve their wellbeing and personally experience the true meaning (and feeling!) of optimal health themselves. Read about their experiences with Candida here. Many of her colleagues have gone
to work in other areas or retired. She continues doing what she loves best:
One to one consultation work.

Her qualifications include:

  • Institute of Optimum Nutrition, UK - Science Foundation

  • Plaskett Nutritional Medicine College, UK - Nutritional Therapy Diploma

  • Institute for Functional Medicine USA / UK - Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, Advanced Gastrointestinal Module 


Candida is committed to keeping abreast of scientific developments in her field and regularly attends seminars and conferences with leading Functional Medicine Practitioners, Nutritionists, Professors and Doctors.


To view the various consultations Candida offers, please click here.


  • Digestive system problems (eg. IBS , Coeliac , Crohn's , Ulcerative Colitis) 

  • Optimal Natal and Prenatal health (for women, couples and newborns)

  • Women's hormonal issues (PMS , fertility , menopause, Thyroid issues)

  • Auto Immunity, RA, Hashimotos's and others ;

  • Low energy, recurring infections

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