Please read before booking services below.

Many of her patients (not only the international ones), prefer to do online consultations. At this time of changing rules you may prefer to work with her online too.

Many Londoners prefer to avoid traffic, etc and work with her from the comfort of their homes/offices.

However in person consultations are available again, should you prefer that
option. She works from her office at home in North London in NW10 ( full
address provided once you book).


Nutritional therapy is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness but rather support your body's own natural ability to heal. It is your responsibility to seek medical advice for any illness or symptoms you may have.


  • Initial Consultation
    A full health history will be taken using questionnaires and our discussion during the consultation. Any recent Laboratory test and Drs report will be taken into account too. She will then email you a written plan with recommendations for food, supplements, possible Laboratory tests and lifestyle as appropriate.

  • Follow-up Consultation

  • Usually booked 6 -12 -16 weeks after your initial consultation and we will review your symptoms, Lab results and adjust the plan as necessary. Going forwards the follow ups will be not often, and they will be booked when needed.

  • Mentoring Calls
    These are usually booked as a part of a package and are designed for verbal advice only to clarify recommendations. You will be adv
    ised whether to book these based on our agreement.


Appointments cancelled at least 48 hrs before the booking will be refunded. Genuine emergencies will of course be taken into consideration. 


  • Please contact Candida before booking for pre-approval

    1 hr


  • Please only book here if you have seen Candida in the last two years.

    45 min


  • Pre-approval required. Please contact Candida before booking.

    1 hr

    Price as agreed

  • Pre-approval required. Please contact Candida before booking.

    45 min

    Price as agreed


  • Pre-approval is required before booking your first appointment. Please contact Candida through the contact page to arrange. Initial consultations are £180 and are conducted at Candida’s private practice in Kensal Rise, London or over Skype, face time, Zoom-
    BOTIM, landline or mobile phone with patients all over the world. Home and office consultations are also available upon request. Additional fees apply. 

  • Home and office consultations are also available upon request. Additional fees apply.

  • At the time of booking, you will receive a health questionnaire and accompanying letter with all required information to start working on your health.​


  • If you’ve already been for an initial consultation, you can book using the Follow Up Booking above.  


  • Free 10 minute consultations are available between 10:00 -10:30 am Tues - Fri. Please call +44 (0)20 8964 0686 during these times only.

  • Complex health situations may require different fees (discussed with you at time of first appointment). Home/office appointments need to be booked via phone/email. Other fees apply.


  • Booked appointments need to be cancelled at least 48 hrs in advance or fees apply

  • Genuine last minute emergencies are of course taken into account.