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"My quality of life has improved immeasurably. Candida has helped me to experience what health is like for the first time in my life. I have recommended so many people to Candida following my own success through her. They too have seen improvements. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

– L.T., London


"In 1995 I was diagnosed with MS at age of 26 and as predicted by my neurologists I have increasingly lost my mobility. I am not one to sit back and accept “my decline” and have tried many ways to halt my MS. I was very fortunate in 2018 to be introduced to Maria Candida and functional medicine. Her knowledge, guidance and thorough testing have enabled me to improve my health massively! I literally crawled into her office originally (because my wheelchair had broken). With a complete dietary change and supplements prescribed to help my particular health challenges, 7 months later I walked into the office using crutches as I wanted Candida to see how well we were doing! Candida and I are continuing to work together and I am full of gratitude for all that she has done and continues to do for me! I will walk unaided and my gut will be so much healthier. We are achieving the unachievable. Watch this space!"

– K.P., London



"Candida has helped me to recover from chronic fatigue, monthly cramps so bad I would be sick I also had various digestive problems,10 years of insomnia, low mood, acne, frequent infections and colds - to name but a few. My quality of life was so low I was beginning to lose hope for my future and ability to maintain work and relationships and interests. I had tried many approaches but had not found anything which made me feel better. I now no longer need to take medication non-stop. My quality of life has improved immeasurably. Candida has helped me to experience what health is like for the first time in my life. I have recommended so many people to Candida following my own success through her. They too have seen improvements. I cannot recommend her highly enough."


– L.T., London


"When I first came to see Candida a few years ago I was suffering from severe hay fever every year (which landed me in hospital twice), osteoporosis, circulation issues and digestion problems including severe constipation and I used to have chronic back pain. Coming from a family with a history of heart attacks, strokes, and other serious illnesses and entering the menopause I was concerned with improving my health.  I’m a teacher so there are always colds doing the rounds but I never get any; sometimes a very mild one starts which I resolve with the advice received for this.  Over time all my health problems have resolved and I walk, exercise and dance regularly and according to the Doctor's scan, the Osteoporosis has reversed. I still see Candida to see what areas of my health need balancing but have not suffered serious health problems for years." 


– D.H.


"Candida is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. Around 10 years ago I went to her with severe PMS and eczema and after her program of diet changes and supplements, both completely disappeared after a lifetime of trying to battle them with conventional medicine. Candida has been the biggest blessing in our lives, my whole family sees her and even my babies from newborn. She is great for nutritional wellbeing but also emotional support, always giving guidance and care. She guided me nutritionally throughout my pregnancy. My 5 month old was hospitalised with acute lymphadenitis and had surgery. Candida put him on a great aftercare supplementation program that helped him get back to good health. Thank you for everything you've done for all of us!"


– S.A., London / Middle East



"Candida is an expert in the field of nutrition and holistic health. Since working with her my health has improved immeasurably and I am in awe of her abilities. I can not recommend her highly enough."


– D.L., London



"I had IBS for over 20 years, permanently bloated and had tried various things and nothing worked long term. By the time I found Candida, I was bloated ALL the time, fatigued, and had frequent headaches and migraines. Now that was 6 years ago and really pleased to say, I no longer suffer from IBS, fatigue or headaches and migraines. I have learned to eat better and also to look after myself better as she has thought me driving myself to the ground will only send me back to fatigue and illness. I cannot recommend her enough."


– S.D., London


"Working with Candida has been educational, informative and highly effective. Since we met in 2012 I feel healthier than ever, she has guided me, my husband and kids, through various issues and has inspired me to fully rethink my approach to food and medicine. I always recommend her to my friends as I believe that everyone can benefit from her extensive knowledge and experience."


– M.G.


"I have been a patient of Candida de Melo for over 5 years now and can safely say that she has been instrumental in improving my and care and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their health through non-invasive natural healing with lasting results." 


– S.G., London



"I first visited Candida with my 4-month-old baby because he was showing some eczema-like rashes on his face. We were both treated as I was breastfeeding and after her recommendations my son was doing great and thriving. We have had various consultations for my 5-year-old daughter who suddenly became severely constipated and again after all her help and advice, everything is back to normal. Candida is very knowledgeable and takes time to explain everything very well in terms we can understand. My family and I are very happy with her practice and recommend that anyone wanting to better their health, should definitely give her a call or drop her an email."


– R.D., London

"I followed Candida’s advice to prepare and recover from jaw surgery. At my follow up consult, the surgeon was amazed that I had had no pain, inflammation, bruising or swelling. Most of all he was gobsmacked when I returned the unused packs of drugs that I had been given on leaving the hospital! He’s amazed at my quick recovery and wanted to know what treatment I had been taking.”

– E. W., London 

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